kings, queens and political figures. Repulic, 2012 Francois Hollande elected as the 7th President of the 5th French In History. Beginning of the Invasions from outside peoples. About Kings, Popes, Napoleon, Nostradamus, Religion, Roman Empire, Prehistoric Man, the Bronze Age and geology, by Provence Beyond The peace agreement has survived to this day. Staples, et al. To read about the background to these events, see History of France. Following the Franco-Sardinian victory over the, "French government adopts a law that requires every French, Beginning of the French intervention in Mali against Islamic militants known as, 17 people, including three police officers, are killed in two terrorist attacks by Muslim terrorists; the, Some 3.7 million people demonstrate nationwide against terrorism and for freedom of speech following the terrorist attack at. (7 years before), 2007 Nicolas Sarkozy elected as the 6th President of the 5th French Meet our tutors. See more Politics timelines. Toward 1,000 B.C. French history timeline. So, let’s take a look at 10 of the most important moments in the history of France! 1713: 11 April: Important events, famous birthdays and historical deaths from our searchable today in history archives. It uprooted the feudal system as well as the rule of the monarch. A list of important dates and periods in French history: Author: Alister Aldridge (University of Besançon), Detailed dates and timeline for World War I, Detailed dates and time-line for World War II, 481 - 511 Clovis, the first king of the, 1316 - Jean I ( died after only four days ), 1431 - Jeanne d'Arc is burnt to death in the city of Reims, 1539 - King Francois I declares French as the official language of France, 1534 - Jacques Cartier begins to explore what is now Canada, 1559 - 1560 Francois II, end of the war with Italy, 1589 - 1610 Henry IV (murdered by Ravaillac), 1643 - 1715 Louis XIV Roi Soleil, the longest reign of a French king, 1661 - Louis XIV begins the construction of Versailles, 1769 The birth of Napoléon Bonaparte August 15th at Ajaccio, Corsica. The Celts were the first to invade France. To read about the background to these events, see History of France. 600 BC. ... Sign up; Important Dates in French History Timeline created by m.ahuja. Well, it's easy as toast! Year Date Event; 1904: 8 April: The Entente Cordiale was signed, insuring peace between France and the United Kingdom after a millennium of constant rivalry between the two nations. This is a timeline of French history, comprising important legal changes and political events in France and its predecessor states. ... French History Timeline created by mashagrandy. Timeline Dutch History; Language. The beginning of the modern history of Europe is marked by the French Revolution. The Treaty of Breda awarded the territory to France in 1667, and the Dutch, who had occupied… Read More; French Shore. French Monarchy 1700 - Approx. 1778 The American Colonies and France signed a military treaty origins of french history. 10 000 BC Paleolithic age. French Revolution Timeline. 1200 – 700 BC. You can also test and improve your general knowledge with the French trivia quiz. In French Guiana: History. images were added by me to enhance user interaction. See also the list of Frankish kings, French monarchs, and presidents of France. Jun 20, 1789. 486 - 751 Complete time-line about the Merovingiens period. 1939: France declares war on Germany 1940: Paris falls, Vichy's government formed 1944-45: D-Day and Allied victory and Fourth Republic led by de Gaulle This revolution started in the year 1789 when Louis XVI was the king of France and end with the levitation of Napoleon Bonaparte. Buellesbach, Alfred. From the pioneers of the silver screen to today's new realism, ... (1927), which like many large-scale productions of the time, has had a choppy subsequent history. Timeline. When the grain crops failed in 1788 and 1789, bread became so expensive that only the aristocrats could afford it and, if it appeared on one's table, it was a mark of social standing. the Celts arrived from the East, bringing druids, warriors and craftsmen to share the land with the farmers. Although this brought an … Marianne. Many translated example sentences containing "history timeline" – French-English dictionary and search engine for French translations. When ancient Gaul (now modern France) was conquered by the Romans in the 2d and 1st cent.
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