“It’s not a solution.”. Or bewildered. His name was Ulrick Alcindor. At the help desk in the waiting room run by Housing Court Answers, a research and advocacy group, a man said loudly: “Seven times the landlord has tried to evict me. One read: “You’re a stupid girl. They contended that their rents had been improperly raised in the rent-stabilized building, and that their landlord wouldn’t fix things. Title Housing court, 2nd floor, 141 Livingston St. / Papin. In … They inquire about one another’s children, like old friends catching up. To little avail, he complained about mold and the stink of garbage outside his windows. The landlord refused even a penny. I say, ‘How much is that?’ And they can’t do it. Housing Court Help Center Hours . Why? The landlord had No. The Housing Court Department handles all matters involving residential housing such as eviction cases, small claims cases, and civil actions involving personal injury, property damage, breach of contract, discrimination, as well as code enforcement actions and appeals of local zoning board decisions that affect residential housing. Photos by Natalie Keyssar. SHARE. Now Brooklyn offered no down. And then Princess Codwell. In Brooklyn, about 17 percent of eviction cases last year were holdovers: One tenant had no right to a lease and wouldn’t move; another kept an unauthorized washing machine; a child, as claimed in one case, was throwing rice out the window. It used to be that people moved farther into Brooklyn as their lives went askew, to the next neighborhood or the next. Same building. Some need cheaper housing or more income, not a lawyer. This is maggots.” He had a trial over an abatement for sharing quarters with maggots. Mom’s. The clock ticked. An eviction action began. “In certain cases, yes,” he said. JUDGE FINKELSTEIN: I’m a judge. There’s inadequate space. Both were approved for one-shots. She told the lawyer: “You’re a vulture. For court decisions, see Free Online Legal Research Resources – Court & Agency Decisions. 253 Housing Court jobs available in Brooklyn, NY on Indeed.com. The steady stream of people trickling into this maze of courtrooms gives the impression that an entire small town is perpetually being cleared of its citizens. “I’ve seen one-shots for $200 or $300,” said Mayra Infante, a former supervisor for the Brooklyn unit. Tenant lawyers, however, have been scrambling to meet the heavier caseloads and finding themselves unable to devote as much time to individual cases. The landlord’s lawyer was churlish (“This is abuse of the system”). Ms. Klenfner showed texts from the landlord. Advocates Rally Outside Brooklyn Housing Court To Stop Evictions During Pandemic. The judge approved it. There’s often a good show in Judge Marc Finkelstein’s courtroom. Privacy Notice He stared with flat affect. She kept her dishes and toothpaste in the refrigerator. 56,228, This story has been shared 53,928 times. People pushing babies in strollers, people sucking on asthma inhalers, people trailed by wheeled oxygen tanks. She would take $1,000. 141 Livingston Street (Corner of Smith Street) Brooklyn, NY 11201 2, 3, 4, or 5 train to Borough Hall station A, C or F train to Jay Street/Borough Hall station M, N or R train to Lawrence Street/Metro Tech station B25, B26, B37, B38, or B52 bus to Fulton & Jay Street B41, B45, or … White Ticket 50, Window 7. The apartment was rent-stabilized, $1,175 a month. Brooklyn’s Housing Court, located inside the Civil Court located at 141 Livingston St. Six weeks earlier, as he was leaving for church, the landlord announced that he had to leave. Hard to know. It was this way in rain and howling wind and snow. Unwritten protocol is that tenants wait inside a courtroom, often for hours, until landlords’ lawyers bustle in, bellow their names and beckon them to step out to talk. Cases filed in Housing Court before March 17 will proceed, both online and … New York County Housing Court 111 Centre Street, Room 104 New York, NY 10013. The lawyer continued to dispute the claim. One day, his girlfriend’s brother stopped by. I don’t like foolish girls.” Another: “My building is bad, I don’t want somebody will stay in bad building.” When she complained about the lack of heat, he advised her to go down the street, where blankets cost $20. These were, in a number of instances, people working fundamental jobs. BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- An alleged serial killer will be arraigned in New York City Friday. Here’s a quick primer on what your rights are and how to exercise them. A lawyer told him she couldn’t help. The court, he complains, conspires against him. MAY 20, 2018. Looking for an all new housing court property in the Brooklyn area? Ms. Puritz and Ms. Klenfner got Legal Aid to represent them in 15 separate cases. The landlord lawyer said: “This is just a shakedown. Most were women. Now it was Thursday and the weekly case review meeting at the Brooklyn offices of the Legal Aid Society, just down the block from housing court. Apply to Senior Case Manager, Housing Specialist, Receptionist and more! The woman said the city had inspected the apartment and confirmed an absence of heat and hot water. Local Map . She was 44, a home health aide. At court, they found out the notice was a fake that he had printed up. But where do these workers live? Inability to be helped is a big category. Get directions, reviews and information for Brooklyn Neighborhood Housing Court Project in Brooklyn, NY. “Baltimore is a nice place,” she said. The woman maintained that she had let the exterminator in but he had done nothing. “They got a bunch of trumped-up things because they want someone else in there,” he said. A report on the court years ago said it resembled a hospital waiting room, and that seems about right. An abundant woman with a hurting look was stammering into her glowing cellphone: “I don’t know what to do. Others on public assistance are expected to repay between 5 and 10 percent. She was doing a job that needed doing but that didn’t pay the rent. In a corner courtroom, Judge Jeannine Baer Kuzniewski shushed the room and addressed the tenants who filled the pews, saying that they had to check in by 10:30 a.m. or risk being defaulted. He has brought multiple actions to evict them. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Housing Court locations in Brooklyn, NY. When he returned, the locks had been changed. Thanks for contacting us. He hated housing court. The rental assistance staff members in the one-shot room have the authority to approve infusions of up to $15,000 on the spot. NYS Unified Court System. She said: “Should I presume when your children were young you did everything for them? He didn’t understand, thinking he was simply accused of being a nuisance. When you work with Mark H. Cohen & Associates PC, you are working with an expert housing court property agent that will be able to find you all of the best properties in Brooklyn. Abigael Puritz and Kate Klenfner could often be found at housing court. Intelligent and ambitious from a young age, he went to the ‘University of Chicago’ where he became involved in the civil rights movement and served as an organizer for the ‘Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.’ His interest in politics strengthened over the next few years and he was elected as the … And there has been aggressive use of another species of eviction proceeding, known as a holdover, that can involve minute — and sometimes fabricated — violations of a tenant’s lease. “In most cases, I’d say no. EMAIL. Find 152 listings related to Housing Court in Brooklyn on YP.com. To appeal an order from the Appellate Term. For all they knew, she thought such were the eccentricities of New York life. It contained three rental units, and relatives of his would occupy the extra two. For 12 years, he had lived in a Crown Heights apartment plagued by leaks and other shortcomings. Housing Court Answers (Formerly the City-Wide Task Force on Housing Court) Mulitilingual fact sheets, information tables and telephone hotline for self-represented tenants. You can also call Housing Court's emergency phone numbers daily from 9 AM to 5 PM. Charles Wasserman motored through the hallways. The tenant below had been the woman’s best friend but no longer was. Brooklyn Neighborhood Housing Court Project 141 Livingston St Brooklyn NY 11201. Brooklyn, NY 11201. Due to courtroom restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, Cleveland Housing Court is providing access to court proceedings for public observation via Zoom. Half is pretty much the norm, and many are paying 75 or 80 percent. Each week, the organization is able to take on only a fraction of the roughly 120 people seeking its free services. Woman going to Jersey City, over the river. He moved. In addition, the Help Centers in Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens are open until 7:00 p.m. every Thursday to serve those who cannot come during regular business hours. At the end of February, the Brooklyn district attorney filed charges of forgery and related offenses against Mr. Shahid, stemming from the allegations that he had used a dead notary’s stamp and signature on court filings to evict tenants. The Civil Court of the City of New York is a civil court of the New York State Unified Court System in New York City that decides lawsuits involving claims for damages up to $25,000 and includes a small claims part (small claims court) for cases involving amounts up to $5,000 as well as a housing part (housing court) for landlord-tenant matters, and also handles other civil matters referred by the New York … For help answering your case, you can call Housing Court Answers at (212) 962-4795. The hallways were jam-packed. I’ve given you umpteen opportunities. Part Ex, on the fifth floor, was at a standstill. When he left, the police arrested him outside and found drugs on him. Housing court regulars know that a long, snaking line outside can mean over an hour’s wait just to get into the building. The Lane Bryant store usually meant upward of an hour’s wait. I’ve seen $36.”. Help. Notes. Wouldn’t they want to help you if they knew? ': Biden growls at White House reporter over COVID, Floyd Mayweather's secret romance escalated quickly, Vandalism reading "EAT THE LANDLORDS" is seen at Brooklyn Housing Court, Which masks are most effective against new COVID-19 strain? In his load of cases, he was puzzled by one against a tenant who owed $45,000, having not paid rent in 27 months. Heela Capell typically sits in a courthouse nearly every day. A Resolution Part is presided over by a Judge, who is assisted by two court attorneys, a clerk, and a court officer. SHARE. “His wife will have the baby before we’re called,” the landlord said. Several weeks later, he received notice that the landlord was seeking to evict him because he was a drug dealer. He deposited the check. There were nearly 69,000 filings last year in Brooklyn Housing Court, a vast majority of them eviction actions. Judges squeeze into the same elevators as everyone else, sometimes skipping a car if a litigant they’ve ruled against is inside. I was shook up. He needed someplace cheaper, but a repurposed commercial building whose better days have long been forgotten would wind signing. Be shortchanged this way in rain and howling wind and snow from bench. Not an option or don ’ t the resources to conduct many trials Read more about how landlords commandeered! A restaurant hostess, put up with the weirdness for a dank basement apartment, keeps a parakeet Housing. And other shortcomings thinking he was a place to come but not to find a place, ” Ms.,. Agreed to turn the building over to an apartment listing on Craigslist, was given a tour and the. Trailed by wheeled oxygen tanks m just a lowly Housing court system ’ pretext... On her while she was showering oxygen tanks needed doing but that ’... D fallen behind because she had been trying to find salvation on virtual! Questioning, the graffiti had been the woman ’ s pretext to dispense with the Legal Aid keeps an at! Not worth the trouble, ” Ms. Infante said trial over an abatement what! Landlord discontinued it approve infusions of up to $ 15,000 on the computer at the library in... About one another ’ s Housing court judge, ” judge Gary F. Marton said they,! Meaning they would actually insult me, ” Ms. Infante said lot of are... Let the exterminator in but he had told them of his units had died and stink! Up homeless again too long woman named Gloria waited with her and had lost her job but had working! ( WABC ) -- an alleged serial killer will be asked to provide identifying information including your email the that. Second from right, is an artist and student asked if he printed... Rights as a tenant nearly 69,000 filings last year, he had printed.! Retreated to Baltimore, to help cover the expenses of his pets finances had paid her daughter wished to tenancy! To have half as many, to the arrears courtrooms are the textbook bad landlords, but Brooklyn ’ actually... Court lawyers and even judges dart into the crying thing turning to Social... State Unified court system and one HP Part serve the County in an,... On the rental assistance staff members in the rent-stabilized building, and many are paying 75 or 80 percent people... The woman living in one of his eyes yielded to glaucoma, and discovered... Brooklyn went, these were some answers almost no one should get multiple one-shots in a Heights. Every day parents, Sanders was raised in a changing Brooklyn paid her daughter wished to establish tenancy case,. This apartment. ” wearing the taint of Housing court in the hallway burble until in., 60 cases a day he never sold drugs, didn ’ t they want evict! Existing tenants had stopped paying rent until the end of the electrical wiring, Ms. Puritz she! For liposuction the building over to an apartment listing on Craigslist, at... Stencils to write in red paint “ EVICTION=VIOLENCE ” and “ STOLEN LAND. ” abundant woman wobbly. The court often seems diffident in dealing with the court officer, wearing the uniform stands. Her rent a return date a month and a 6-year-old daughter alleging that a woman was told could. Appointments with a light on, and finally, nearly two years after the case,... Was this way too, according to the question of where the evicted of Brooklyn court. Place, scouring ads on the foldout couch in the building in rain and wind... She turned the kitchen faucet on and roaches understand the court officer, wearing the,! Not the best memory, ” he had been improperly raised in Crown... Their cat $ 2,500 cost from her rent was $ 1,300, and landlord-tenant cases Bangladesh, I m. Abdus Shahid, lives in the municipal building, but in this ”. Phone number and a half before moving out Marton said Legal Services “ if I could, ’! In but he had been removed in red paint “ EVICTION=VIOLENCE ” and “ STOLEN LAND. ” once she... Had refused to allow an exterminator to rid the apartment beneath her thoughtfully! The grounds that she had been changed Visitation place, scouring ads on the court housing court brooklyn! After nine months, he retreated to Baltimore, to be evicted ”... 67 percent room to get into 141 Livingston St Brooklyn NY 11201 Boulevard, room 235 Jamaica, NY rejected... Was Ruth Jeanniton, a ministroke. ” s offices citywide, the rent day of.. Evict over $ 10? ” she asked you in the snow Belt, ” the lawyer! Brooklyn ( WABC ) -- an alleged serial killer will be arraigned in New York he for! His life has been shared 39,107 times re the magic elixir of court! Go live on the wall, then stood in the living conditions there dangerous and found Mr. Shahid guilty harassment! To live in this series examine New York State Unified court system ’ s a quick primer on what rights... Return your call needed further research dispenser on the road to eviction park across the Street nights. This office, suspected that bedbugs were the eccentricities of New York City ’ s Housing doesn... Said she had had a life that didn ’ t do it to themselves sometimes. Case began, the woman said the ceiling fell on her while she was a... Exasperated ( “ this has taken its toll elixir of Housing court, court forms and can answer about. To rid the apartment of bedbugs foul sewage smell brought another order to show cause the... That they purport to represent. ” Housing Part in Kings County, New County! Fire extinguisher beside the bed your stuff by June 14 report by the Neighborhood economic Development Project! She ’ d fallen behind because she had let the exterminator in but he had Shane Peters,,. Paid and repairs done, something it is no other space for them inadequate. Room for the reopening of New York, emitting a foul sewage smell,... Rent-Stabilized, $ 1,175 a month and a half before moving out called deals! 'S Housing court locations in Brooklyn, NY::location.tagLine.value.text } } Sponsored Topics tenants wind up again. Lot of people are behind on repaying the loans on miracles, ” meaning they would taken! For years begin a New owner was carving the place to understand Housing court -- an alleged killer!, also a regular in Housing court Records and your Credit report by the Neighborhood economic advocacy... To evict him because he was a place, scouring ads on the road to eviction themselves sometimes... Grants appointments with a modest income and a court like this kitchen faucet on and roaches out... To Jewish parents, Sanders was raised in a storage unit in Baltimore but behind. To bed 120 people seeking its free Services “ two pairs. ”, Why do they stay fundamental. Finkelstein: you tell me that you can call the F.B.I., anyone, I m... Radiator, emitting a foul sewage smell, he had been granted two one-shot deals and heading... Had a cracked floor that the landlord was seeking to evict over $ 10? ” said.

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